Customer Care:
1- I have a question; how can I contact you?
You can contact us on 01099876306 and we will be pleased to hear from you.
2- I have a question not regarding Hero baby online store, who should I contact?
You can simply contact us on (02)27597900 and you will be directed to the concerned

3- When can I call you?
You can contact us everyday from 9 am till 7 pm

4- I contacted you with no answer, what should I do?
Once we get your missed call, we will get back to you as soon as possible. Or you can send us a
message on our live chat.

1- What are the benefits of signing up or creating an account?
By signing up as a Registered Shopper, you can receive the following benefits:

  •  Quick & Easy registration
  •  Faster and convenient checkout
  •  No need to type shipping information every time you shop
  •  Receive e-mails and newsletters with news from Hero and special discounts and offers at Our Online Store
  •  Manage your Account Information and make changes. Just type in your email address and password to sign in
  •  Get points and participate in our loyalty program

2- How can I sign-up as a customer on Hero?
Start by clicking “Login” and then “sign up” in the top right corner of your screen.
You will then be asked to provide some basic information.
When you have provided the required information, click submit to finish the sign-up process.
We will send you an email to welcome you to Hero Baby Store.

3- I have forgotten the password to my Hero account. How do I access it?
Click “Your Account” and then “Login” in the top right side of your screen.
Enter your registered email address and click “Proceed”.
Now click the “Forgot your Password” button to get an email on your registered account with
instructions on how to set a new password.

4- How can I add a new delivery address to my account?
To add an additional delivery address to your account:
Click “Your Account” in the top right corner of your screen (if you are logged in you would see
your name there).
Now click “Addresses” in the left side of the screen.

Click on “Add a New Address”, enter the details of the new address and click on “Save this

5- How can I change the password of my account?
Click “Your Account” in the top right corner of your screen (if you are logged in you would see
your name there).
In the “Personal Data” in the left side of the screen click “Change Password”
Enter the required information and click “Submit”

6- Would my account be deactivated if I don’t use it for a long time?
We miss you when you don’t visit us enough, but we never deactivate your account unless you
requested it.

  1. How can I place an order?

Shopping on Hero is easy! Once you have found the product you want to buy, just follow the steps below:

  • Click on ‘add to cart’, to add this product to your cart,
  • Click on ‘cart’ in the top right corner, you will see a summary of the products on your cart
  • Then click on “proceed to checkout”
  • You will be asked to Register/Login into your account by entering your email,
  • Enter your shipping information,
  • Choose your preferred payment option,
  • Click on ‘Place an order’ to proceed to the payment portal and complete your order.
  • Once your order is placed, we will automatically confirm it by notifying you via email and SMS. Please note that this confirmation is a mandatory step before we ship your order. If you are unsure of whether your order has been confirmed or not contact us on 01099876306.

Order Tracking:

  1. How do I know my order has been confirmed?

We’ll send you an email and SMS once your order has been confirmed! We’ll also send you an email as soon as your order is shipped.My payment was processed successfully but I didn’t get any order confirmation. What should I do?

2.My payment was processed successfully but I didn’t get any order confirmation. What should I do?

Please get in touch with our Customer Service Team at 01099876306 or Contact Us so we can help you to resolve the issue.

  1. How can I track my order?
    We will send you regular updates about the status of your order via emails and SMS. After your order has left our warehouse and is on its way to you, you can also track its status by entering your tracking number on here.
  1. I haven’t received the invoice for my order. What do I do?

Usually, we do not send a printed invoice, but it will be sent automatically to your email.


  1. How can I pay on Hero?

You can choose from the different payment methods available on Hero. Please find below the list of available payment methods:

  • Cash on Delivery (easy and simple at your doorstep)
  • Credit Card

You can find the payment methods during the final step of checkout in details.

  • How can I pay with my Credit Card?
    At the end of the checkout choose” Credit Card” as payment options and follow the steps after confirming your purchase. Make sure that your bank activated your Credit Card for online payments. Please note that Hero provides the utmost security on your payments.
  • How to use my coupon code?
    It’s simple! When you get to the payment stage while in checkout, simply enter the gift card code in “Have a Coupon?” on the right side of the screen.
  • My order value is more than the Coupon code amount, what do I do now?

If your Gift Card value is less than the order amount, you will be asked to select an additional payment method to complete the payment


  • Can I change my shipping address after I have placed my order?

You will not be able to change the address on the website, but you can contact us on 01099876306  for assistance

  • How long does it take to receive my product?

Delivery timelines vary depending on your region

  • Inside Cairo before 5 PM: you will receive your order in the same day.
  • Inside Cairo after 5 PM: you will receive your order in the next day.
  • Outside Cairo: Please check here:
  • I missed my delivery. What happens now?

We will attempt to deliver your order again the next working day. We will try to deliver a total of 3 times before cancelling your order

Return and refund:

  1. I received a wrong item; how can I return it?

In the unusual circumstance where the item received is wrong, you can return the item in the same condition you received for 7 days, go to “Order History” in your account and click on “Complaint” choose its type then “continue”. We will contact you shortly to take the wrong item.

  • How long does it take to the courier to collect the returned items?

Typically, Courier representative will contact you within 3-5 days from the day you requested a return.

  • I paid through Cash on Delivery, how will I receive a refund for my item?

The product amount is refunded after confirming its status. The inspection takes up to 2 working days from the date we receive the returned product

You will be able to receive the amount paid through your account on our website to be able to use it later in any future purchase

If you wish to refund the amount in cash, you can transfer it to your bank account

  1. How can I cancel my order?

If you have not already received the confirmation email that your order was shipped, you can simply cancel your order by clicking on “Your Account” then click “Order Information” on the left side of the screen, then click on the “Cancel Order” button

If your order has already been shipped, you will not be able to cancel it.

Loyalty Points:

  1. How do I earn points?
  • Purchase: Earn 1 point for every 10 LE spent.
  • Earn 1 point for every 10 LE spent on the purchase of product, but not for any amount spent on shipping costs. If an order is cancelled or returned, any Loyalty Points awarded for the purchase will be cancelled.
  • Introduce a Friend to try Hero Baby Store: Tell a friend to try Hero Baby Store and earn 30 points when they make their first purchase.
  • To refer to a friend via email, Facebook, or referral link
  • Newsletter Sign-up: Earn 10 points

Sign up for our newsletter and earn 10 points! You will find our sign-up button by going down to the Footer.

  • First Order: Earn 10 extra points on your first order

Make the first order on Hero Baby Store and automatically earn 10 extra points!

  • Share Hero Baby Online Store on your social media account and get 20 points!

Share on Facebook, or Twitter and earn 20 points for one share per month.

  • Review any of our products: Earn 5 points.

Review our products and earn 5 points for each time you review a different product!

  • Create an account on Hero Baby Store and earn 5 points

Earn 5 points when you create an account.

2-      Can points be redeemed for cash?

No, points can only be redeemed whether for products from our gift shop

What do I get with my points?

You can get anything you want from the gift shop if its equivalent to your points or less than them.

How do I check my points balance?

Once you are logged in on the website, click on Gifting then select Gift shop and you will find your points balance.

How do I redeem my points?

1st option:

  1. Go to the Gifting located at the header.
  2. Select the Gift Shop tab
  3. Check all the gifts and select Redeem for the equivalent gift to your points balance

Once you have added products to your cart, click the Checkout button and continue your shipping and payment information and you will receive the gift with the order.

2nd option:

  1. After making an order in the payment step, you will find down the page your loyalty points
    1. Mark on Choose a Gift button
    1. Click the gift you want from the options below
    1. Then click Review to continue check out

You will receive the gift with your placed order

  • How do I subscribe to the Newsletter to earn points?

On any page of the website, enter you E-mail in the newsletter sign-up box which is located down the page in the footer then click subscribe and your points will immediately appear in your account

How do I refer to a friend to earn points?

  • How do I share the products to earn points?
  • What do I do if I am missing points I should have received?

Please contact customer service by phone at 01099876306 so we can investigate this for you

  1.  Will I get points for purchases I made prior to the start of Hero Baby Store?

Purchase points are only available for orders placed as of April 1, 2019, or later. No purchases made prior to this date are eligible for points.

What happens to my points when I cancel my order or return products?

If an order is cancelled or returned, any Loyalty Points awarded for the purchase will be cancelled.

 Will my points expire?

Members must remain active and retain the points they accumulate. If you did not use the points within 12 months, you will lose them.

  1. What if I want a gift that costs less points than I have?

Just choose the gift and the rest of the points will remain in your account for a later usage.