Hero ORS 200 ml


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Hero ORS; Oral Rehydration Solution for diarrhea & dehydration. With the optimal ratio of Glucose/Sodium according to the latest European recommendations, to ensure:
• Restoring the natural balance of fluids & electrolytes.
• Prevention & treatment of dehydration.

When is your child most likely to lose fluids/electrolytes or become dehydrated?
• Diarrhea / gastroenteritis.
• Vomitting.
• Fever.
• Exercise.
• Hot weather.
In such cases, Hero ORS is recommended to restore the lost fluids & electrolyres, thus protect your child from the risk of dehydration.

Why juices & carbonated beverages are not recommended in such cases?
• These drinks contain low Sodium concentration therefore it is not enough to compensate the lost electrolytes during dehydration. In addition to high amounts of sugar which can worsen diarrhea.
• Even water is not considered the most effective in restoring lost electrolyres, as it contains low Sodium concentration.

Choose Hero ORS & protect your little one from dehydration.
Strawberry flavor for better taste.

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