Hero Crunchy Peanut Butter- 300 gm


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Spread goodness with Hero Crunchy Peanut Butter that is loaded with crunches of freshly roasted peanuts; the ideal choice for those who crave an extra crunch. Bake mouth-watering cookies while creating memories with your family, prepare sandwiches to fuel your child’s long day of school and practice, have it as your pre-workout booster, get to relive your childhood memories by preparing a peanut butter & jam sandwich, or even better have it straight out of the jar and enjoy Hero’s crunchy peanut butter spreads. Spread goodness of Nature. Spread Hero peanut butter! Try it with Hero Jams or with Hero Honey for more indulgence. Available in creamy type.100% Natural, Preservatives Free, Artificial colors Free.

Weight 300 g

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