Hero Peanut Butter- 300 gm


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Spread goodness with Hero Creamy Peanut Butter that is smooth, creamy, made with fresh-roasted peanuts that makes a perfect fulfilling & nutritious snack. Bake mouth-watering cookies while creating memories with your family, prepare sandwiches to fuel your child’s long day of school and practice, have it as your pre-workout booster, prepare a peanut butter & jam sandwich and get to relive your childhood memories, or even better have it straight out of the jar and enjoy Hero’s smooth-textured peanut butter spreads. Spread goodness of Nature. Spread Hero Peanut butter! Try it with Hero Jams or with Hero Honey for more indulgence. Available in crunchy type. 100% Natural, Preservatives Free, Artificial colors Free.

Weight 300 g

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