Nutrasense 3- 400gm


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Growing up formula from 1 to 3 years. Hero Baby 3 nutrasense is better than cow’s milk in covering all your baby’s nutritional needs above 1 year, as it is enriched with many advanced nutrients, while cow’s milk is deficient in them. Hero Baby Nutrasense 3 with unique advanced nutrients natural present in breast milk that provide outcomes closer than ever to the natural goodness of breast milk. -Immunity; as it is supplemented with MFGM that protect form infections and decreases antipyretic use. -Healthy tummy; with HMOs that increase count of beneficial bacteria and decrease harmful pathogens and Beta -Palmitate that provide better gut comfort. -Cognition and faster learning rate; thanks to MFGM, higher levels of Omega 3 DHA and iron that provides cognitive outcomes as breast-fed infants -Healthy growth; Calcium and Beta – Palmitate for better bone and teeth development, in addition to iron supplementation that protect from iron deficiency anemia. – 2 to 3 cups per day to cover the nutritional needs of your baby & ensure healthy growth, better to be used as well in preparing nutritious meals for your beloved one.

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